Custom Face Masks

Keep Your Kids & Students Busy!
Explore and Enjoy Creativity!

Whether you have creative juices flowing through your veins or not, these custom printed face masks are a fun way to express yourself. 

Great activity for the kids- especially while we look for activities to keep them busy during lockdowns, quarantines and well just for fun! 

The best part – you don’t have to be super creative to get your own unique mask! It’ll set your apart from the crowd.  

Don’t have a creative bone in your body? NO worries, just CONTACT ME  with your request and I’ll create one for you.

All you need is a piece of paper, you or your child’s favourite art medium and a scanner. (and if you don’t have a scanner, a clear photo take with your cell phone works too!)

You will be re-directed to my Uniquec website to place your order 

The Process:


Select the size and quantity of mask(s) you are ordering and add to the cart and place your order. 

I will receive your order request and will wait for your artwork submission.

Submit files to


Grab yourself some paper and drawing supplies. Paint, markers, crayons, whatever your heart fancies. Make sure your art canvas (paper, digital, canvas etc) is landscape 

orientated. You basically want it to be wider than it is long.

If you are having me design for you and have a photo, image or the like in mind, have that ready to!

Create art work (or find your inspirational idea and save to send to me to create)

Submission of Art:

Scan or take a clear photo of your artwork. (or if you’re having me design yours, gather your ideas and get ready to send them to me). Be sure to scan and save as a PNG File 

for best results. However, I can work with jpeg scans.  

If you are using a camera, be sure to take a clear photo straight on. Natural lighting is best.  

EMAIL: and in the subject line note your order number.

If you ordered multiple masks, in the body of the email indicate which image goes with which size.

You can also contact me by clicking the Facebook icon and sending me a message.