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Early Bird Sale FAQ

40Winks Weighted Blankets FAQ

An Early Bird Sale means you will pay for the item at sale price now and reserve that item. When the item is in stock, it will be shipped to you.

a) Fun-R-We Creations & Co. Early Bird Sale Customers get the items they want by reserving them in advance before they are officially available, without having to worry about these products selling out. 

b) Price- Early Bird Sale often offers a reduced price point for customers. We rely on Early Bird Sale for our business development and offer perks for customers willing to have a waiting period to receive their product. As our way of thanking you for your support, we offer reduced costs.

c) Early Bird Sale Customers receive exclusive coupons that can be used towards Early Bird Sale items.

Early Bird Sales orders are non-refundable.

In order to provide the products to our customers at the best price possible, we have ordering quotas to meet. We rely on Early Bird Sales to reach these goals, and as our way of thanking our customers, we offer exclusive deals on Early Bird Sale purchases.


While we are confident we will reach our minimum order quantities, we will refund any deposits made on Early Bird orders if that product becomes unavailable for any reason.

Generally, Once our Early Bird Sale inventory is sold out, it takes up to 45 days for the product to reach our store once the manufacturer begins fulfilling the order.

We keep Early Bird Sale Customers up-to-date of any changes in expected delivery dates.

Exclusive coupons are provided for past Early Bird Sale customers that can be used on future Early Bird Sale products. This includes the 10% off Subscription coupon.

Other coupons issued by Fun-R-We Creations & Co. Ltd. can not be used on Early Bird Sale products unless otherwise stated on coupon.

a) Market Survey: A market survey is conducted. Participants receive a special discount code to be used towards a purchase, including the Early Bird Sale product.
Can I get a special discount code? Only participants in market reseach survey are eligible for the special discount code.
b) Early Bird Sale is launched with limited quantities available.
c) Customers purchase Early Bird Sale product and make initial non-refundable deposit. (NOTE: if for any reason the product becomes unavailable, deposits will be refunded)
c) Once Early Bird Sale stock is sold out, 
i)FRWC contacts manufactured to begin manufacturing process. It takes from 20-45 days for stock to arrive, depending on manuf. demands.
ii) customers are notified and remaining balance is due.
d) Once product is in stock at FRWC all Early Bird Sale orders are shipped.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer refunds. We strive to offer best customer service and quality products. However, if you receive your product and it is damaged, please contact us with 72 hours of receiving your goods and we will assess if the item needs to be returned and replaced, or returned and refunded.

Quotas are set by our manufacturer. We must order the minimum amount negotiated. 

These quotas allow us to provide our customers the most affordable pricing. 

Weighted blankets are based on deep pressure therapy. They provide a cocoon or hug like experience to users that help reduce stress, provide grounding and calming effects, and help with sleep. For more information on Weighted Blankets and benefits, visit our blog.

NO! In fact, they have been used for decades to help users reduce stress and anxiety, help calm users, and provide sensory input during the day. Users will use the blanket for short periods of time as required, until they experience the effect they desire.


Weighted Blankets have been shown to benefit people who live with:

Please visit our blog to read our research findings

Choose a blanket that is 10% of the users body weight. For optimum results, the blanket should cover user, not the bed or couch around the user as that results in weight on the bed or surrounding area, not on the user.

Full size blankets are available for purchase. Results will vary when using blankets that cover the bed or are shared by another user.

  • weighted blankets should never be used as a restraint– DO NOT use on infants or babies
  • user should be able to turn over and raise head independently
  • user should be able to self remove weighted blanket
  • not recommended for small children- if in doubt, consult with your Occupational Therapist or Physician
  • It is not recommended to use weighted blankets if you have the following conditions (if you have any of these conditions, please consult with your Physician)
    • Diabetes
    • Pregnant
    • circulatory problems
If you have concerns about your ability to use weighted blankets, we recommend consulting with your physician. Visit our Blog for more information


a) Insert (weighted blanket portion) can be washed in your washing machine in cold. It can be hung to dry, or check you dryers’ user manual for maximum weight it can handle. We recommend using the outer cover to protect the insert and reduce need for laundering.

b) Cover is machine washable in cold and tumble dry on low.

40Winks blankets are designed to be used! Like any item, they are subject to normal use wear.
Check the blanket prior to and after use for any signs of wear and tear, such as loose stitching, torn seams, escaping filling etc. If there are visible signs of wear and tear do not use the product until it has been repaired or replaced.

40Winks Weighted Blankets are pre-quilted with a special locking stitch ensuring each sections weight distribution remains in its section.

Custom covers are tailored to each individual users preference. If you wish to have your own custom cover, please contact us by using our Contact Form and we would be happy to serve you.

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